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a drawing is simply a
line going for a walk
… according to artist Paul Klee. Our work gives a valuable outlet for self-expression, giving visibility to those who are often marginalised in society. We have found that drawing reveals something fascinating about lives and memories, and gives carers new subjects to talk about with those who may have lost the art of conversation. We have produced a unique sketch book containing photos of our models opposite a blank page for drawing, and scores of beautiful and original line drawings by our artists for colouring in. Books can be ordered here.
If you're stuck for how to start with a drawing, be like Oliver, cut up some shapes and get finger painting!

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@ryeartgallery open all weekend. MEMO: note to self - A thought provoking show about memory in the three main gallery rooms. 

Don’t forget, the gallery will be open over the weekend!

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‘MEMO: note to self’ opens 6 May @ryeartgallery. It’s all about memory, what it makes us and how it shapes us. Featuring works by the memory man himself @howardhodgkin among many other artists, interspersed with work by our Drawing Life artists. 

Artists include: @hobbsavitch, @tobitroche, @patrick.altes, @oskadahlquistlappin, @alanrankleprojects, @matthewjradford, @robertsampleart, @sineidcodd, @snook_charlotte @siobart, @franwhiteartist, @studioangel8, @reynolds_art, @chrismilton_art, @suziezamit, @siobhantanner, @finch_liz, @eye_roger_eaton, @trinitytristan, @sallycoleartist, @geraldineswayne, @emmabarnardartwork, @julianbell_studio, @danchina, @howardhodgkin

Thank you to @TNLCommunityFund and @sussexgiving @CristeaRoberts.

Visit the Rye Art Gallery website for full details

#ryeartgallery #memory #memo #notetoself #artgalleryrye #ryeart #dementiaart #dementiadrawing #artstherapy #drawinglife #lifedrawing
We're prepping our show @ryeartgallery . ‘MEMO: note to self’ looks at memory - what it makes us, how it shapes us, what it leaves behind. 

The show will run from 6th May - 5th June, and includes work by artists working in the field of memory, such as @hobbsavitch, @tobitroche, @patrick.altes, @oskadahlquistlappin, @alanrankleprojects, @matthewjradford, @robertsampleart, @sineidcodd, @snook_charlotte @siobart, @franwhiteartist, @studioangel8, @reynolds_art, @chrismilton_art, @suziezamit, @siobhantanner, @finch_liz, @eye_roger_eaton, @trinitytristan, @sallycoleartist, @geraldineswayne, @emmabarnardartwork, @julianbell_studio, @danchina, @howardhodgkin

Thank you to @TNLCommunityFund and @sussexgiving @CristeaRoberts.

Visit the Rye Art Gallery website for full details

#ryeartgallery #memory #memo #notetoself #artgalleryrye #ryeart #dementiaart #dementiadrawing #artstherapy #drawinglife #lifedrawing
Euan shows us what you can draw in 60 seconds, looking at our very own Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers models from one of our Drawing Life sketchbooks. He likes drawing animals! 🐻🎶🐻

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Dumteedumteedum...etc 🎶. Everyone loves warming up to music! The @bbcradio4  #TheArchers theme got us going at a recent class with @knowdementiauk.

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Our new sketchbook features 25 photos of our models, Mike and Elaine, opposite a blank page to make an original drawing.  Our artist tutors have created scores of beautiful and original line drawings for colouring. Sketchbooks can be ordered here.

It’s up to you how you use this sketchbook, but we suggest everyone should have a book of their own.  Draw one model pose per session, for 20 to 30 minutes, using pencil, charcoal, colour or a combination of all.  If doing this as part of a group session, you can show the drawings round the room and have a chat about them. 

If in a group you can have a discussion while doing this.

Then spend up to 30 minutes colouring one of the line drawings. Perhaps there is a story connected to the drawing, a special location, or a memory.

We have an “anything goes” approach. Take a look at our gallery page to see the variety of styles and approaches people have used to make some wonderful pictures.

Relax, make some marks, take your pencil, pen or brush for a walk around the pages, and most importantly have fun!

“He was so engrossed. I haven’t seen him as engaged with anything other than Inspector Morse or Poirot for quite a while! He’s just asked about colouring in a carrot for the rabbit, and now he’s happily doing that. I really can’t tell you how amazing this is.”
Peter’s carer