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Our team

Project Director

Judy Parkinson

Judy Parkinson is the driving force behind Drawing Life, the project she established with lottery funding in 2015.  Since then Drawing Life has brought over 200 classes to people in care homes, to Jerwood and De La Warr Pavilion galleries and exhibited selected works in public spaces.  She has studied architecture, fine art and the humanities at degree level.  She has produced television documentaries and she is the author of biographies and history books.  Judy has a special interest in art and memory both as an artist and author.  She has spent many an hour at life drawing classes and wrote the best selling book about mnemonics “I before E, Except After C, easy ways to remember stuff”.


Robert Sample

Robert Sample is an artist whose paintings explore a world that has strong visual references to earlier masters and styles, yet is rooted in the present, combining dynamic elements of street art with contrasting traditional techniques.  He has exhibited in London and Sussex and teaches art at Sussex Coast College, Hastings.

Patrick Altes

Patrick Altes is an artist, born in Algeria, lived in France, South Africa, Ecuador and the UK.  His main interests and focus of his artistic processes are in post-colonialism and its enduring effects.

Matthew Radford

Matthew Radford is a painter who has shown widely in Europe and the USA and has work in many collections including The Metropolitan Museum New York, Stanford University and Museum Art+Germany.  He has taught at Camberwell School of Art, The New York Studio School and was visiting lecturer at The Slade.

Life Model

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell has worked as a professional model of over 8 years.  Having started with student life drawing classes at Sussex Coast College in Hastings, he now works with adult groups, individual painters and sculptors throughout East Sussex and Kent.  He has experienced dementia in his own family while caring for his mother the year before she died.  So when invited to join the Drawing Life team, he was especially keen to contribute raising the quality of life for those living with the condition.


Sineid Codd

Sineid is an experienced artist educator and works with people of all ages and abilities.  She makes collages and installations about time and place, informed by her fascination with found objects.